About Us

Silver Box started out as a packaging business in 2009 in Surabaya, East Java. As our reputation for high-quality packaging grew, many clients began to ask us to craft not only the container, but also to put together the whole parcel for them.

Our mission is to craft the best gift package that’s customized to your aspirations and budget — so we really do take the time to listen to you, to ask the right questions and to explore the creative possibilities with you.

We also take pride in our relationships with our trusted vendors and suppliers, knowing that we can use their materials and products with confidence to build our parcels. 

Most of the packaging and decorative elements are custom-made by Silver Box’s team of experienced craftspeople and creative partners. Their meticulous handiwork is what sets us apart, enhancing the value of the gift package with original items that you can’t buy in any store.

Our Founder

The inspiration for Silver Box Concepts was first planted in 2009 when our founder, Elvin Tanada, attended a women’s retreat.  At the end of the retreat, the speaker gave each participant a silver box as a visual reminder of the main message that she had been sharingto : to give the gift of encouragement to one another.

The message and the gift resonated deeply with Elvin. She just started her business and was looking for the right name for it. She knew she had found it that night at the retreat. Silver Box.

Not only the name of her business, but as a creative individual who always has to craft something with her hands as an outlet for her imagination, Elvin also found her life’s purpose and the purpose of Silver Box Concepts. For her, the business wasn’t just about making profits. She wants to bring joy and to lift the spirit of others through her designs and creations. As a person of faith, this is also her way of honoring her God-given talents for design and craftsmanship.